Welcome to the study of the martial art of karate.

Mastering the art of Karate is an ongoing process and requires many years of training and hard work. At Northeast Karate we are training in the traditional Wado-Ryu style, and you may have the opportunity to study traditional Kobudo (weapons) forms as well. Sensei Jay Misuk has been teaching Karate for over 18 years and is also an OCT-certified high school teacher with over 11 years of experience.


Informed by both traditional dojo and classroom practices and pedagogy, at Northeast Karate we strive to provide our students with opportunities for continuous learning, personal self-improvement, increased self-esteem, and improved physical health in a safe, and fun learning environment.

Ours is a club rooted in traditional Karate values but also with an eye to the present.

benefits of our club

Our club offers an affordable and effective learning experience for our students. Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors have much to teach, and there are many learning opportunities available for anyone willing to give it a shot.

Although we run class largely as a group session, we do our best to offer individualized instruction whenever possible, and all students are graded on their own individual progress and ability.

Participation in martial arts such as the karate and kobudo has been proven to contribute to improvement and maintenance of good physical and mental health, including increased flexibility, strength, agility, stamina, self-esteem, and confidence. As part of our curriculum, students will not only develop conditioning and learn Karate techniques, but they will also spar, grapple, learn self-defense, attend tournaments, and hopefully try some weapons training.

Our club also offers training in more katas and more weapons than any club in the region, and our instruction incorporates a more holistic approach influenced by the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Growing Success curriculum document.

**New Program**


Low Impact Karate

Have you ever wanted to Study martial art and earn a black belt? Or Improve your fitness with increased balance and stamina?

Then Genki-Ryu may be for you!

Come try our new low-impact karate style, which incorporates elements of traditional Karate and Kenpo. Gradually develop fitness, self defense applications, and strength of mind.

Class Times

Open Class (4+)

Tuesday 6-7 pm

Thursday 6-7pm

Adult Class

Tuesday 7-8pm

Thursday 6-7

Kobudo (12+)

Sunday 11:30am - 12:30pm

Thursday 7-8pm

Genki-Ryu (Low Impact)

Sunday 10:30am - 11:30am

Monday 5-6pm


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Office: 2159 King St. E, Hamilton, ON L8K 1W7

(905) 869-8663

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